The 8 Glasses of Water Myth

This is one of the most widely held myths, and one that I used to believe, which is that your body needs 8 glasses of water a day to be healthy. In fact this is a big lie that has rooted from a misunderstanding of just how you can get that water, as well as various companies rooted interests in wanting you to follow their "special" diet. The misundestanding comes from the fact that roughly 8 glass of water or 2 litres of water is needed for the average person daily BUT this can be obtained simply by eating food. In fact, almost all food contain mostly water. For example, a potato is 70% water! This might come as a shock to you but you yourself are made up of mostly water!

The other misunderstanding is that there is something special of water coming from a glass as opposed to being part of your food. In fact there is no difference. If you do drink 8 glasses of water, all you are really doing is needing to go to the washroom more to pee it out! So don't be fooled by myths like these, and only drink water when you are thirsty!


The 8 Glasses of Water Myth
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