Have a Merry and HEALTHY Christmas!

While this time of the year is one to spend with our family and friends, you might be tempted to eat just a bit more than you normally would. This is mainly because there is just so much great tasting food at this time of the year. But the extra food that many people eat goes straight to their waste-line, which explains why the new year resolutions of most people are to lose weight, and cause long line ups at the gym. But while it is tempting to eat more this Christmas and Holiday season, it is important to keep in mind that our bodies will eventually have to pay the consequences.

A good way to combat this extra splurge in food and calorie intake is to make holiday themed food that are made of healthy ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables. This Christmas tree made up of fruits is a great example of a healthier food choice, and healthier choice of sweet food as compared with the typical chocolate and candy cane snacks. While eating extra, and eating high calorie foods during Christmas time seems to be a culture norm, it nonetheless can be changed for more healthy alternatives, while still indulging in the holiday spirit.

So from the entire BMI Calculator team, have a Merry and HEALTHY Christmas!

Have a Merry and HEALTHY Christmas!
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